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Factors To Be Considered While Choosing WordPress For Web Design

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When you are thinking of making a website the first thing which can come to your mind is the platform. This is the most important part of creating a web page. The platform on which you want to design your web may be costly, but WordPress can be a perfect platform for free of cost or at a very affordable price rate. You can make easy and quick updates to the website without hiring any web designer for  that.

But before getting its service you should know briefly about the WordPress including its advantages and disadvantages.

A Better Platform For Your Website:

You don’t need to know the HTML code to update your website. You can make changes to the website on your own. In WordPress it is very easier to add pages, post blogs, products, and images or edit some parts. While designing the website it is going to give you all the tutorials with the details of managing your website on your own. This process is going to save a lot of money. You don’t have to depend on web designers or developers or programmers for every single change.


There are a lot of themes available in WordPress, according to your choice you can have any of them, and that will of course save your precious time. If you don’t like any of those themes or you want to make your theme more unique, WordPress can build it for you from the scratch, but it is going to increase your budget level. WordPress offers many paid and unpaid themes. It even offers search engine optimization which actually helps to drag the major traffic into your website that you can get many potential customers for your products and services. To build its e-commerce website it uses Woo-commerce add. In this e-commerce store you can update your products, pricing, sales, coupons etc.

Think A While Before Choosing WordPress:

WordPress frequently updates its software. It used to keep updating current browsers, mobile devices, and malware and virus attacks. But sometimes plugins may not be as quick as the updates of WordPress. Sometimes when you are going to update your website, these plugins don’t operate properly. So when you are suppose to update your website, it is always recommended to have a back up copy of the site. If any problem arises then it can be restored to the earlier version.

Sometimes you may feel frustrated for not knowing HTML, because it actually try to give the appearance of images and text in the way exactly you want. Here, when you want to make updates you may find the flow of the contents and images are not the way you expected. Every theme of the WordPress is programmed differently. So if your website already has a theme, but you don’t like it and feel to make a major change, then it might be costly.

Though there are some disadvantages, but still it is always better to customize your website on your own according to your requirement that to hire a web professional. It will save your money and time.

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Advantages Of WordPress While Creating Web Design

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You can have thousands of plugins in word press. Whether it is your personal website or blogs, photo blog, professional portfolio or business website, whether the website is for government, a magazine or news website, an online community, you can create all types of website according to your choice. You can make your website more presentable and attractive with the help of word press.

Customize Your Site By WordPress:

WordPress is something which very easy to use, its interface is user friendly. One of the the advantages of wordpress web design is that you can add images, blog posts, new pages at a regular interval, it means you can update it regularly. Because of its simple technology you can make the whole procedure very easily and quickly. To manage your website you can connect it from any computer. It doesn’t even required HTML or FTP kind of softwares. It is actually a self contained system. You can upload images, edit text etc but without any additional software.

You can customize your site on your own. So you have an option to present your brand in a more catchy attractive way to the viewers. You don’t need to wait for the web designers to make updates; you can do the whole thing on your own. You can always keep your site active by simple updates about your services and products regularly.

Add Functionalities To Your Site:

There is an in-built platform of blogging, it is very to integrate. You can set up RSS to your blogs; can add email subscription, commenting features etc. Your most recent blog posts can automatically be added to the other pages of the site.  To extend the functionality of your site, you can add event calendar, video gallery, facebook fan box, twitter feed etc with the help of plugins. The best part is, most of these plug ins are free or comes at a very reasonable price rate. This is scalable, you can have thousands of pages and blog posts on your site. As your business grows, your site will also grow.

How WordPress Helps Performing Search Engines:

The codes of wordpress are easier for search engines to read, these codes are very clean and simple. You can add it own Meta tag keywords for each post, page and image. You can add descriptions and titles. You should use specific keywords which allow very much précised search engine optimization. For enhancing the efforts of search engine optimization you can also use tags. You can drag the maximum traffic to your site by using search engine optimization. You can set up multiple users for your website. You can even assign their access levels.

Wordpress Web Design London

While creating a website for your business, wordpress is the best option to customize your site. Without hiring a designer you can design your site on your own. That is not going to save your time only but you can make your site more unique at very affordable cost and most of times for free. You can change your background, theme and make the whole thing you want it to have.

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